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Private Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

1 Hour – $110.00/hour
2 Hours – $100.00hour
3 Hours – $90.00/hour
6 Hours – $85.00/hour
12 Hours – $80.00/hour
24 Hours – $75.00hour
36 Hours – $73.00/hour
48 Hours – $71.00/hour
96 Hours – $69.00/hour
192 Hours – $67.00/hour
384 Hours – $65.00/hour
500 Hours – $63.00/hour
750 Hours – $59.00/hour
1,000 Hours – $57.00/hour

Steps to Evaluate Your Skill and Developmental Level

Step 1

Evaluate the skill level of the player with open ended questions and proficiency drills on the court.

Step 2

Determine the level of understanding of the major components and strokes in tennis – the forehand, the backhand, the volley, the serve, the overhead, the slice, etc;

Step 3

Assist the player in setting realistic, timely and measurable goals with a road map on how to achieve each goal they have set for themselves.

Step 4

Determine a training path that is appropriate (and skill based) for the player emphasizing training techniques that are important for improvement in game play;

Step 5

Determine the level of fitness, agility and endurance for each player with fitness and skill-based drills designed for understanding where improvement is needed;

Step 6

Implement and set a timetable of programs that will integrate improvement in tennis and physical fitness.

Players will receive custom training based on their level and personality. Improvement is a guarantee!