Sponsors / Partners

Diadem Sports

Team Diadem has continued to spread as several of the top colleges, coaches, and junior players embrace our brand and what we represent. With worldwide partners and distributors, Diadem is making a global impact in the tennis market – and we’re just getting started.

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Empire Video Productions, LLC

Empire Video Productions, LLC is a Miami based video production company specializing in live web streaming and video production services for semi-pro, club, youth and amateur athletics.  This 25 year old production company has spent the last 10 years streaming more than 50 sporting events including tennis, basketball, formula racing, baseball, wrestling, soccer, figure skating and mixed martial arts reaching more than 160,000 sports fans across the world.

Owners Thomas and Adrian are proud friends and supporters of The Coaching Vault and have had the honor of showcasing Coach Amir in several of our online live tennis tournaments via our CCE Sports Network brand.  Empire Video Productions, LLC is also the producer of the online instructional video series offer to Coach Amir’s students.

Learn more by visiting their website at: www.empirevideoproductions.com to see if the production team is coming to a city or tournament near you.