Success Stories


RuiRui started working with Coach Amir in 2015 when he was just 4 years old. RuiRui’s mom was intrigued by Coach Amir’s training & technique and was convinced that the Coach could bring out the best in her son. During the evaluation phase of Coach Amir’s training, he noticed that RuiRui had above average potential but there was one problem – he was lazy with his footwork. “We are going to have to change that,” said Coach Amir, “if we are going to make you a National Champion.” RuiRui’s mom laughed and with a big smile on her face said, “we will see if you can do that!” The challenge was on.

RuiRui was not allowed to play in any tournaments for 3 years while he started his training. Many eyebrows were raised and the whole idea seemed ludicrous. But Coach Amir had a plan. “Keep your head down and just concentrate on training,” remarked the Coach, “We are building the fundamentals that make good tennis players, great champions.” Coach Amir has always stood by his training process and with good reason – it delivers results. But success is a two-way street: 1) The Coach creating a winning program and 2) the student willing to work hard, listen and believe in themselves.

In 2019, RuiRui got the green light. IT WAS TIME TO PUT ALL OF THAT HARD WORK TO THE TEST. 1 win turned into 2 wins, which turned into a string of wins – all the way to the 22nd Annual “Little Mo” National Championship. RuiRui walked away with the Level 3 National title. The tournament was held in Austin, TX and featured players from all over the country including those at some of the top tennis academies in the country like IMG. In 12 months, RuiRui won 15 tournament titles making him one of the most successful 8-year-old tennis players in the country. Coach Amir and RuiRui are currently working together towards staying number one in the country with a goal of breaking into the Top 100 in the world one day.

Coach Amir has been recognized as one of the top coaches in the country. The Coaching Vault has been listed as the #1 tennis academy in Houston, TX in 2018 and 2019 by Become a student today and watch your success grow!

Currently, RuiRui has been the number one college recruit in the United States and he is top 25 in the nation.


LEVEL 3 NATIONALS- Won a couple nationals championships since 2019 from Boys 8s to Boys 12s

LEVEL 2 NATIONALS- Finished Top 4 – Semifinalist Boys 12s

LEVEL 1 NATIONALS- 3rd round at winter nationals boys 12s

Finishing 3rd at nationals boys 14s on clay

Sean was looking for a tennis coach when he and his family moved from California. His parents found Coach Amir through his website and had seen that he had produced a national champion and consistent results amongst his students in The Coaching Vault Academy. Therefore, Coach Amir and Sean hit the ground running with daily practices and intense physical and mental training.

Coach Amir uses proprietary processes that help his students improve quickly and effectively.

BEFORE COACH AMIR Sean had no history of winning tournaments but had good fundamentals taught by his coach in California. He lacked in confidence, structured point play, strategy, and didn’t know how to execute a game plan among different styles of players. Additionally, Sean didn’t have any weapons in his game and seemed slightly above average for his age. Most importantly, his ranking was outside the top 1000, nationally.

AFTER MEETING COACH AMIR Sean incorporated Coach Amir’s training regimen both physically and mentally. After a short few months Sean won his first local tournament followed by a string of local and regional tournaments. This boosted his confidence in Coach Amir and his methods, considering Sean did not have medals before Coach A. Currently, Sean is top 20 in Texas at 13 years old and had his biggest win against his opponent at level 1 Winter Nationals who was ranked 70 in the nation. Currently, Sean and Amir are working hard to win a national title.




Before Coach Amir: Sid’s parents hired Coach Amir to help their son succeed in yellow ball tournaments. There was no history of winning any yellow ball tournaments prior to Coach Amir.

After Coach Amir: After a couple months of training, Sid was thrown back into his first yellow ball tournament and made it to the finals.  We were very happy to see immediate progress, however, a shoulder injury prevented us from playing the rest of the fall season of 2022.  In the beginning of 2023, we had a lot of ground to cover.  We had to make up the time that Sid was out due to his injury. Sid trained with Coach Amir full time early 2023.  In a short 2 months Sid entered his first Level 6 tournament.  Using Coach Amir’s methods, Sid went out and fought for his first championship beating all the seeds. The parents were shocked how quickly Sid was producing results using Coach Amirs proven methods. Followed by that came his second level 6 championship.  After the second win, his ranking was moving up quickly so we thought that it was appropriate to challenge him and put him with the older kids.  At 11 years old, Sid was about to go against 14 year olds.  Before, the upcoming tournament, Coach Amir made some minor adjustments in practice to prepare Sid for the big hitters.  Coach Amir told Sid, “I know what you are capable of accomplishing but the world doesn’t…go show them what you show me at practice everyday.”  A couple days later, he did exactly that by winning his 3rd tournament in a row; this time winning a boys 14s level 6.  For kid who wasn’t winning his own age division prior to joining The Coaching Vault Tennis Academy…this was something for all of us to be proud of.  The parents knew at this point they chose the right coach and Sid was extremely happy with his progress these last couple months. To make things even more impressive, Sid won an additional Level 6 tournament after all the success he had already had.

In Summary, Sid made 5 finals in a row managing to win 4 out of the 5 tournaments since working with Coach Amir.  Now that’s what we call fast improvement.

Sid is now full time with Coach Amir in hopes to go professional one day.


Ruirui Zhang flew May 6th, 2023 to make an appearance internationally in a U12 tournament held in China.  Since he is training with Coach Amir in the United States Ruirui is not known in the area.  Therefore, no one was expecting what was going to happen next.  As the days passed Ruirui was able find his way to the finals and win the entire tournament.    This tournament was held by HEAD and now he has qualified for a bigger tournament later this year.  Congrats Ruirui, Coach Amir is very proud of your achievements the last 8 years.