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Private Lessons

Private Pickleball Lessons

Are you ready to take the Pickleball world by storm? Look no further than The Coaching Vault, where we have the perfect instructor to help you master this exciting sport.
Introducing Coach John, a Pickleball enthusiast who lives and breathes the game. With his deep passion and extensive experience since late 2020, Coach John is the ultimate guide to unleash your Pickleball potential. His infectious love for the sport is contagious, and he is eager to share his knowledge and expertise with players of all ages and skill levels.
Whether you’re looking for recreational enjoyment or competitive excellence, our exceptional coaches are equipped to cater to your unique goals. At The Coaching Vault, we believe in creating a supportive and dynamic environment where players can thrive. Coach John’s exceptional coaching style ensures that you receive personalized attention and instruction that will take your game to new heights.
What truly sets Coach John apart is his remarkable success in competitive pro tournaments. He has clinched coveted titles, including the prestigious 2022 April Sound Gold Men’s 4.5 Doubles and Gold Men’s 4.0 Singles championships. In 2023, he demonstrated his prowess yet again, securing a Bronze Men’s 4.0 Doubles victory at the PALA Fight Club. This remarkable track record is a testament to Coach John’s skill and dedication, and he is eager to impart his winning strategies to you.
Rest assured that you will be learning from a certified expert. Coach John is AAU certified, ensuring that you receive the highest quality instruction and coaching techniques. But beyond his credentials, Coach John brings an infectious enthusiasm and a belief that Pickleball is a sport that everyone can enjoy. As he likes to say, “It’s incredible how fun and easy this sport is!”
So, are you ready to embark on an exhilarating Pickleball journey? Join Team Coaching Vault and discover the joy and excitement that this sport has to offer. Unleash your potential, develop your skills, and experience the thrill of victory. Let’s go Team Coaching Vault!

1 Hour – $75.00/session
2 Hours – $73.00/session
3 Hours – $71.00/session
6 Hours – $69.00/session
12 Hours – $67.00/session
24 Hours – $65.00/session
36 Hours – $63.00/session
48 Hours – $61.00/session
96 Hours – $59.00/session
192 Hours – $57.00/session
384 Hours – $55.00/session
500 Hours – $53.00/session
750 Hours – $51.00/session
1,000 Hours – $49.00/session

Steps to Evaluate Your Skill and Developmental Level

Step 1

Evaluate the skill level of the player with open ended questions and proficiency drills on the court.

Step 2

Determine the level of understanding of the major components and strokes in tennis – the forehand, the backhand, the volley, the serve, the overhead, the slice, etc;

Step 3

Assist the player in setting realistic, timely and measurable goals with a road map on how to achieve each goal they have set for themselves.

Step 4

Determine a training path that is appropriate (and skill based) for the player emphasizing training techniques that are important for improvement in game play;

Step 5

Determine the level of fitness, agility and endurance for each player with fitness and skill-based drills designed for understanding where improvement is needed;

Step 6

Implement and set a timetable of programs that will integrate improvement in tennis and physical fitness.

Players will receive custom training based on their level and personality. Improvement is a guarantee!